We are delighted to see specialist Food and Wine website recognise Macedonia and as one of its top 5 international wine destinations!About the region the site says “Forget Burgundy and Napa. The tiny Balkan Republic of just two million people that has been making world class wine since the days of Julius Caesar, but has received recognition from connoisseurs for only a couple”.Macedonia is famous for its culture and historical heritage and is linked to Alexander the Great and the birth place of Mother Teresa.  Since the very early Romans times when its emperors favoured its grapes Mace

Popular UK supermarket Sainsbury's has just released a new report entitled Rosé Uncorked, which suggests that people are now buying more rosé wine because of the celebrity connection.This trend is largely seen in younger people, perhaps because they are most likely to be influenced by celebrity culture.

The supermarkets have a lot to answer for. With their constantly ‘slashed’ wine prices that encouraged consumers to look only for the price, and not what was in the bottle, they single-handedly devalued the wine market and caused a lasting scar across the industry.

Brexit: The Wine Trade are Mostly Remainians

Posted on Sun 21st Feb 2016 at 12:23

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association has conducted a survey that reveals 90% of their members back Britain’s continued EU membership.

Conviviality Retail Posts Profits Rise

Posted on Sun 21st Feb 2016 at 11:58

According to Harpers, Conviviality Retail, the parent company of Wine Rack amongst others, has posted a rise in revenue of 2.4% in the year to April 26. This equates to a 4.4% increase in pre-tax profits, something perhaps due in part to the fact that wine sales are up 10%. Their number of shops also increased by 29, giving them a new total of 624. This represents stable growth for the company, as their review of unviable franchises is now at an end.As CEO Diana Hunter stated, “This is a strong set of results refle

How to Keep your Wine Fresh for the Next Customer

Posted on Sun 21st Feb 2016 at 11:43

Nowadays, it’s fair to say that customers are spoiled for choice when it comes to wine, even when they want just a glass rather than the whole bottle.

Macedonia & Terroir

Posted on Sun 21st Feb 2016 at 09:43

The Republic of Macedonia is a Former Yugoslavian country located in Southern Central Europe; with Bulgaria sitting to her right, Kosovo and Serbia tucked in up north, Albania to the west and notably Greece occupying the southern border. Macedonia has developed a rich vibrant history that stretches back through the ages.

How Social Media can Help your Bar, Pub or Restaurant

Posted on Fri 19th Feb 2016 at 12:24

Today, more and more people are using social media to not only research but also interact with new drinking venues. This is particularly true of generations X and Y, to whom using the internet and social media is almost second nature.

Festive Success for the Trade Brings a Brighter Outlook

Posted on Thu 18th Feb 2016 at 14:20

Many on and off trade retailers are cautiously optimistic for the year ahead after a strong performance on Christmas sales.

Stobi Celebrate Saint Trufin’s Day at the Winery

Posted on Tue 16th Feb 2016 at 12:30

It is a long standing tradition on the 14th of February for all the Macedonian wineries and grape producers to celebrate Saint Trifun who is the celebrated saint protector of the vineyards and winemakers.

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