Did you know that the French pay just 2p of tax on every bottle of wine, and the Italians pay nothing at all? By contrast, Britons pay £2.05 on every bottle and, shockingly, we pay around two thirds of the alcohol duty levied across the entire continent.

The Trade Protests at High Taxes

Posted on Mon 21st Mar 2016 at 12:21

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WTSA) is leading the calls for Chancellor George Osborne to reduce the amount of duty placed on wine and spirits.

The announcement by Chancellor George Osborne, on March 16, that wine would see a duty rise at the same level as inflation, came as a huge disappointment to those in the industry.

Is Country of Origin an Outdated Way of Selling Wine?

Posted on Mon 21st Mar 2016 at 11:35

It's a system that's relied on by millions of consumers, but now a leading retailer has said we need to stop merchandising wine by country of origin.Speaking to the Drinks Business, Andrew Bewes, managing director of Hallgarten Druitt, said that:“We are seeing seismic change [in the on-trade] from the situation twenty years ago and this is not having to list wine region by region and grape by grape but moving towards stylistic indicators. That may mean a reduction in choice at a grocery level – as wine lists in res

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