Gastropubs are Leading the Push for High-end Wines

Posted on Wed 28th Sep 2016 at 09:46

A leading wine distributor has recently released figures suggesting that gastropubs are driving a boost in the consumption of premium wines.

Distributor Mathew Clark has revealed that the numbers of the wines they supply which are later sold in gastropubs at more than £20 per bottle are up by 52%. The most popular styles are Sauvignon Blanc and wines from Campania. This evidence corroborates previous signs that the gastropub movement is driving a change in consumer’s tastes, and prompting them to choose quality over quantity. The refined yet relaxed surroundings of a gastropub are perhaps the perfect place in which people can explore new wines without feeling embarrassed by a lack of knowledge. It has also been suggested that gastropubs often offer more reasonable mark-ups than restaurants, allowing consumers to access higher value wines while also increasing their spend. Value, it seems, is a key driver of consumer behaviour, as it’s also pushing wine drinkers to seek high quality wines from lesser-known countries such as Macedonia - both in gastropubs and in restaurants. As reported in the drinks business, “Simon Jerome, purchasing director at Matthew Clark, said, ‘Our customers are increasingly looking to up their offering of quality wines delivering good value as consumers are not only more willing to trade up but more interested in trying new things. We have welcomed producers from all corners of the world this year which adds even greater character to our wine list.”’ If you’re a gastropub or restaurant looking to diversify your premium wine selection, Signature Wines UK wholesaler for Stobi would be happy to introduce you to the delicious world of Macedonian wines. Simply get in touch today.

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