Stobi Winery Macedonia, the Ultimate Wine Tourism Destination

Posted on Tue 31st Jan 2017 at 12:08

Read Dr Prem’s Travel blog as he unearths Macedonia’s jewel of the Tikveš Region, the Stobi Winery.About the Stobi Winery he says he was “presented with a different ambience that had an additional layer of warmth.

His trip to the region and state of the art winery was a pleasant surprise, exceeding his expectations of this wine producing region. He goes on to say, there’s hardly has a match in the continent, even taking into consideration the French, Italian and Spanish wine producing giants. Throughout every stage of production, it is a meticulously dedicated process that calls for a lot of expertise to bring out the best tasting wines.”

His tour completed with a wine tasting and although he does not consider himself an expert he was able to say confidently that “Finally, when it came to tasting some of the finest flavors, the feeling was ecstatic. They were heady and delicious to the palate.” In summary he said “Macedonian wines are a legend. Stobi wineries have taken this fame further conquering new heights of finesse and taste. It has helped Macedonian wines come under the global limelight, they are international winners. Even the bottles and corks have a classy finish!” Read Dr Prem’s full article here.

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