Stobi Žilavka Listed as One of Top 5 Best Wines by Wall Street Journal

Posted on Sat 28th Feb 2015 at 09:46

We are delighted to see columnist Will Young list the Stobi Žilavka as One of the ‘Five Best Wines You’ve Never Heard Of’ in the Wall Street Journal Food & Drink ‘Life’ section, in his own words, “the perfect – and most unusual – wines for springtime”.

With thousands of different wines to choose from, from a variety of well know and emerging markets it really does show how good this indigenous white wine from the Stobi Winery in Macedonia is. To encourage wine lovers to try something outside their normal tried and tested favourites, he has “attempted to break the cycle and find wines that, stylistically, are both perfect for this time of year and highly unusual.”  On the Stobi Žilavka he says: 2013 Stobi Žilavka | £10 or €14 Made from the little-known Žilavka grape variety, this wine is an absolute delight. Pale with a nice clear straw colour, it hails from the Republic of Macedonia. It has a lovely perfumed nose, with notes of quince, ripe peaches and lemon. Once sipped, it’s juicy and light with a slight pepperiness. A great match with spicy food. Alcohol: 12% Want to Stock the Stobi Žilavka? If you want to get in the queue to order the new 2014 Stobi Žilavka then call Signature Wines on 0845 370 2225. Signature Wines is the only UK wine distributor for Stobi Wines and is about to take delivery of this new vintage wine during May.

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