Stobi Zilvka 2014 is a favourite with Macedonian Wine Expert Ivana Simjanovska

Posted on Tue 21st Nov 2017 at 12:14

We were thrilled to read a recent article with wine expert Ivana Simjanovska on Not only is the interview with Simjanovksa, a judge at wine competitions and co-author of two books about Macedonia’s wine, a fascinating overview of everything to do with our country’s wines, but it also contains what was a lovely surprise for us. When asked about her favourite bottles, Ivana lists our Stobi Zilvka 2014 as one of her recent favourites.

As you can imagine we’re very flattered that she likes it, particularly because the author has sampled wines from every single vineyard in Macedonia as part of her research and knows our country’s wines inside out.

We think that the interview is well worth a read in full, particularly if you are new to the delight of Macedonian wines, and you can find it online here. To whet your appetite, here are some of our favourite quotes:

“I started to consider myself as a medium to the rest of the world—sharing the renaissance that was happening in Macedonia’s wine industry with people outside the country.”

“Macedonia has a unique climate where we see at least 270 sunny days every year, coupled with a range of microclimates created by the hills and mountains.”

“As for the reds, they are boisterous, spicy, and full-bodied. You can find similarities between our red wines and those from other famous wine regions such as Bordeaux and California. Those wines may be made from different grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, but their quality level and the style are somewhat similar to Macedonian wine.”

“Wine history is currently being made here. This is rare in the wine world because history is over and done with in many of the Old World wine countries.”

Visit here to read the story, or head over to our shop to try the wine that Ivana loves!

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